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The Llariegu Pipe Band


The Llariegu Pipe Band was created in 1996 by a group of people involved in several traditional schools from the central zone of Asturies, in order to spread asturian music and tradition throughout the world.

Since its early beginnings, the Band has been suffering a continuous evolution until reaching its current status. Nowadays it’s considered to be one of the best pipe bands from Asturies.

Llariegu officially begins its activity the 15th of August, 1996 in Faro (Uviéu). Initially composed by 15 members, it used C-tuned asturian bagpipes and traditional asturian drums. All songs were traditional compositions with a low grade of complexity.


In 1997 the Band begins to evolve both in the structural and the musical points of view. New members are incorporated after an exhaustive training and the drums are changed first to medium-tension snare drums and later on to high-Tension snare drums. Is in this year when the Band starts to play in relevant events like the Ascensión Pipeband Festival in Uviéu, Asturies, and the International Folk Festival from Corrópoli in Italy.

Although more than 40 musicians have been part of the band, the Llariegu Pipe Band is currently composed by 18 members.

The Band Director is Pablo Pérez, who is also teacher in the Aula de Música Tradicional Llariegu, and Arsenio Ruiz is currently leading the drums section and also teaching in said school.

Llariegu Pipe Band’s repertoire is composed not only by asturian traditional songs but also by own compositions and traditional tunes from Scotland, Ireland, Brittany, Galicia and the Basque Country. All the costumes are traditional from Asturies.

Among the performances made out of Asturies these may be mentioned: The International Festival from Corrópoli, Italy; the St. Nazaire tour, in Brittany; the 1st Interceltic Festival from Bruxelles, in Belgium; the 2nd phase from the XIth Pipe Band League from Galicia; the Festival de le Danse Bretonne de Guingamp, in Brittany; and the Festival Interceltic du Lorient, 2002, 2010 and 2013, also in Brittany.

In Asturies, Llariegu Pipe Band has participated in events such as the Ascensión Fair from Uviéu, the Cider Festival from Nava, the America’s day in Asturies, the Prince of Asturies Awards, the Interceltic Festival from the Cider Region, the International Folk Festival from Xixón, the Pipe Band Festival from Candás, the Los Humanitarios de San Martín day in Morea d’Ayer, the Celtic Night of Xedré and the Interceltic Festival from Avilés.


In year 2001 Llariegu Pipe Band was nominated Best Asturian Pipe Band, also being awarded with the Best Style award.

In year 2002 was again nominated Best Asturian Pipe Band, wining this time the Best Percussion Corps award.

In 2003 the band stood second in the III National Asturian Pipe Band Championship and was awarded as Best Percussion Corps for the second consecutive year.

In 2010 de band was awarded with the Guinness International Percussion Award in the Festival Interceltique du Lorient, with the Banda Gaites Noega.

In december 2011, the band releases its first record “Llariegu 100% Live” in CD and DVD formats, recorded live the 27th of April, 2011 in the theater of La Laboral in Xixón.

Aula de Música Tradicional Llariegu

The Aula de música tradicional Llariegu has been working since 1997 in Sariegu in order to preserve and spread the asturian musical heritage. Although the school works actively in different counties of Asturies such as Siero, Noreña and Uviéu, its HQ is in Vega, Sariegu.


The classes start in September and finish in July, with 11 months of activities and just a month of relax, August.

The instruments of the school belong to the pipeband, so students don’t need to own any type of instrument in order to assist to the classes.

Depending on the number of students, the following subjects are available:

  • Asturian bagpipe
  • Traditional Drumming
  • Percussion
  • Musical Language
  • Asturian Folk

For further information, please get in touch with the pipe band using its contact details.


2012 Season

  • AMAS Award for Best Live Performance by “Llariegu 100% Directo”
  • AMAS Award for Best Folk album by “Llariegu 100% Directo”

2010 Season

  • Festival Interceltique du Lorient: Guinness International Percussion Award (with Banda Gaites Noega)

2003 Season

  • III National Asturian Pipe Band Championship: Subchampion of Asturies
  • III National Asturian Pipe Band Championship: Best Percussion Corps
  • Asociación Amigos del Paisaje de Villaviciosa Cubera: Asturian Folk Defense award

2002 Season

  • II National Asturian Pipe Band Championship: Best Asturian Pipe Band
  • II National Asturian Pipe Band Championship: Best Percussion Corps

2001 Season

  • I National Asturian Pipe Band Championship: Best Asturian Pipe Band
  • I National Asturian Pipe Band Championship: Best Aesthetic
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